Implementing Refugee Mental Health Screening

Mental HealthStaff training, local referrals, and other processes need to be in place before implementing refugee mental health screening. Continue the dialogue from the RHTAC May 23, 2012 webinar, Refugee Mental Health Screening: Operationalizing the RHS-15, presented by Beth Farmer, MSW and Sasha Verbillis-Kolp, MSW.

What are the biggest barriers to offering mental health services to refugees in your community? What would it take to overcome those barriers? What strengths currently exist in your community that you can leverage? Leave your comments below.

Refugee Mental Health Screening

Mental HealthRefugees arrive in the U.S. after experiencing trauma, loss, and long periods of uncertainty. For refugees with mental health issues, screening is a critical beginning step on the journey towards healing. Continue the dialogue from the RHTAC January 25, 2012 webinar, Tools and Strategies for Refugee Mental Health Screening: Introducing the RHS-15, presented by Dr. Michael Hollifield.

What are your thoughts on refugee mental health screening? Leave your comments below.